Special Note

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Diagnosis of nuisance alongside TCM doctor. Diagnostics according to the traditions of the East is carried manifest without useful studies and analyzes. The TCM doctor interrogates the patient, assesses the density odor, the condition of the eyes, crust, whisker, looks at the situation, the pertinacious's movements, listens to the utterance volume, breathing rate. He pays odd prominence to pounding diagnostics.

Special Note

During the diagnosis, a Chinese adept determines the root reason of the disease and prescribes an individual treatment program. Depending on the producer, a woman of eight diagnoses is made:

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Migraine. Stagnation of blood. The nuisance spreads throughout the affected area. Periodically, there may be a paucity of comeback to treatment. It is accompanied past nausea, increased blood pressure, partiality to tawdry hullabaloo or bright light.

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Elitr sed diam

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The pulse is weak. Voice red or with red spots. Migraine. Lack of blood replenish to the liver. The reason is in the dysfunction of the spleen, namely in its ineptitude to produce passably blood. Headache is accompanied by hasty heartbeat, appetite, poor preference, inertia, fatigue. The reverberation is weak. Kiddingly - with a scraggy white coating. Migraine. The liver's counteraction to mark, anger. The annoyance affects the propitious or leftist side of the head. It is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, irritability, a sense of suffocation, a flushed face. Dryness and a disagreeable mouthful in the debouchment, ringing in the ears may appear. The vibration is tense.

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The tongue is red with a shrivelled up yellow coating. Migraine. Qi stagnation. Headaches are commonly caused on sleeping too lengthy or not getting adequate sleep. It is accompanied by the publication of varicose veins, vascular network, irritability. Women may familiarity black menstrual flow. The pulse is wavy. Headache. Head flatus attack. Cold and vain speech impede the purl of qi and blood.

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