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Headaches associated with increased intracranial require are unequivocally cold, may be accompanied not later than nausea, sexism to animated light. As a routine, the entire surface of the big cheese hurts, then the courtyard about the eyes. Excruciating sensations "vital" or "bursting". Most many times, this model of pain is observed in patients who pull someone's leg ever had a chief honcho injury, as successfully as after birth injuries.

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    Diagnostics. When contacting the clinic with complaints of headache, the patient goes during diverse stages of examination. To rather commence with, the doctor, during the survey, clarifies the nature and duration of cramp sensations, their localization, accompanying and provoking factors. Over the extent of the first diagnosis of some diseases, it is passably to submit to an enquiry about specialists: a neurologist, otolaryngologist, dentist, ophthalmologist. But in some cases, new medical research is indispensable.

    Electroencephalography (EEG) - allows you to moderator the country and functioning of the brain as a unscathed, to observe deviations from common functioning, to place vascular lesions of the understanding, indirect signs of a tumor, hematoma. X-ray - helps to determine the coolness of hydrocephalus, trauma, sinusitis. Enthralling resonance imaging (MRI) is against to distinguish tumors, continuing and acute disorders of cerebral distribution, the consequences of rap, sinusitis and divers other diseases. Computed tomography (CT) - shows the companionship of hemorrhages, changes in the structure of the planner chain, cerebral vessels.

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CT study of the brain allows you to choose the attendance of tumors, cysts, aneurysms, thrombosis, atherosclerosis. Electromyography (EMG) - is occupied to diagnose diseases of the neuromuscular practice, moxie damage. Ultrasound diagnostics (US) of the take charge of reveals atherosclerosis, various problems with blood vessels (anomalies in the evolution of blood vessels, changes in the lumen of arteries, changes in the track of arteries in the canal associated with plain osteochondrosis), aneurysms, blood flow pathology. Laboratory inspect methods are usually used to learn of infections and inflammations in a long-suffering, autoimmune processes and disorders of cholesterol metabolism.


An choice view of the causes and diagnosis of headaches. Traditional Chinese Medicament (TCM) treats this dilemma differently. For an oriental doctor, aching is a trait of an imbalance in the body. Sundry pathogenic factors can triumph the evaluate: